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E-Learn Podcast Featuring BenchK12: Changing K12 talent management

April 3, 2023

What if technology could help solve teacher shortages? That’s what BenchK12’s Founder and President, Brooke Barrett, and Makaela Kingsley, Head of Strategic Partnerships for and substitute teacher, discussed with Stephen Ladek on his eLearn Podcast

Take a listen at the link above or via YouTube. Don’t have a full 40 minutes?  Jump to a section that you want to learn more about: 

03:40 › Teacher Shortages, An American Silent Crisis—How Brooke and Makaela became aware of the depth of this crisis first-hand during the pandemic and how the situation could be solved by simply creating better systems.

09:50 ›  How BenchK12 Can Help—By allowing educators get credentials faster and why opening this critical bottleneck will change so much for so many

12:17 › Logistics and Nuances behind all of the different school systems across the US, and how Brooke and her team are able to present a solution that is compatible with them all.

17:00 › Makaela’s Experience Trying To Be Helpful—by becoming a substitute teacher for her kids’ school during the pandemic

20:26 › BenchK12′s current challenges, as a start up and the immediate next steps in its future (including a call to action for everyone to help)

We are confident that with the right technology, we can change the current course of the teacher shortage crisis nationwide. This is why our team at BenchK12, is building modern technology that leverages decades of experience in education and enterprise technology to be a part of the solution. 

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