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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re doing something new, so you might have some questions. Thankfully, we have answers (or we will, with your help!).

I’m with a school or education agency that is interested in improving our substitute teaching experience with BenchK12. How do I learn more?
Check out our Hire page for the basics, then contact us to learn more about getting BenchK12 implemented in your area. We recommend subscribing to BenchK12 communications for continuing product updates and availability.
I’m interested in becoming a substitute teacher! How do I sign up?

First of all, you’re awesome! Second, check out our Teach page for the basics, then fill out this form to get an invitation to become a beta user.

Is BenchK12 a staffing agency?
BenchK12 is not a staffing agency. We help state education agencies grow their pool of qualified educators by providing technology that modernizes the credentialing, hiring, placement, and career development processes. That means big savings for schools and more money back in the classroom where it belongs. 
Why just substitute teachers? Do you serve other education positions?

Substitute teachers are one of the more complex, overlooked and underserved roles in K12 education. As an area of immediate need, BenchK12 was built to help solve this shortage today for our students and schools nationwide. 

We know that there are severe shortages in every role in education and our goal is to help solve all of them and to empower every role in K12 education in the classroom and beyond. Educators deserve more and we are the modern tech that’s here to help.

What systems does BenchK12 integrate with?
BenchK12 is compatible with all of the major education data standards, such as Ed-Fi, 1 EdTech (IMSGlobal), and CEDS. We can integrate with any existing student information system, human resource information system, learning management system, Google Classrooms, payroll provider, and virtual conferencing tool that you currently use. Want to check about a specific integration? Contact us to find out more.
How much does BenchK12 cost and how does it work?
For schools, BenchK12’s solution aims to cut the costs of acquiring and managing teacher absences and substitutes by over 70% of what you currently pay through other software and staffing providers.

For aspiring educators, BenchK12 can help with the upfront costs associated with becoming a substitute teacher such as credentialing/licensing fees, background checks, and fingerprinting so that there are no financial barriers to getting you into the classroom.

Our mobile platform allows subs and schools to do everything from a smartphone or tablet while they are on-the-go or in the classroom. We’re happy to share more with you and answer your specific questions. Just reach out!