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2022: Coachella, Cursing, and Collaborations

by | December 16, 2022

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As anyone undertaking a new venture will tell you, planning is critical, but so is flexibility. We started off the year with our first-ever, all-team retreat in the beautiful Coachella Valley – now fondly known as “Benchella” – to set a course for the year ahead and get closer to making the ambitious goal of ending teacher shortages a reality. While there were pivots along the way, I am immensely grateful and proud of how we grew and navigated this year.

BenchK12 has been focused on building our team and our product, but that didn’t stop us from taking home some pitch competition wins, including the P2B Pitch Competition, (where *every* effing word in your vocabulary is welcomed) and being awarded the top women-founded company at the MN Cup. We also locked down some key partnerships in just the last few months which you can read more about below.

Despite the occasional curveballs and fbombs, we are closer than ever to realizing our goal of supporting educators and solving teacher shortages! On behalf of the entire BenchK12 team, we wanted to thank you for all of your support in 2022.

As we head into a momentous 2023, we will be communicating with you *a lot* more in the first quarter since we are officially going public with our equity crowdfunding campaign.

Momentum & Progress

  • 🏆 Winner of the P2B Pitch CompetitionWe are honored and excited to share that BenchK12 won the sixth annual FBomb Breakfast Club pitch competition known fully as “Pitches2Bitches.” The FBomb Breakfast Club is a peer support community for women who are company founders and business owners where we “talk like truckers and build badass businesses.” Beyond getting amazing feedback from the Fbomb community and validation from an amazing group of women business leaders, this year is also the first year that the winner is being considered for angel investment from the FBomb Angels. Stay tuned for an exciting update next month.
  • ⭐ Welcome to our BenchK12 Graduate Fellows. Please join me in welcoming our first cohort of BenchK12 graduate fellows. We designed the fellowship with a few things in mind; (1) how can we provide access to graduate students who are interested in entrepreneurship and tech startups; (2) how can we potentially provide an opportunity for those with an education background to make a jump into technology while bringing along their experience in schools? I am hopeful that with our first two fellows we are able to do both! Please meet:
  • AAEE: We have finalized our partnership with the American Association for Employment in Education and are the exclusive sponsor of their Pipeline Mini-Grant Program that was just launched. Thanks to our Director, Engagement, Yanique Taylor for all of her support in nurturing this relationship and joining me in Baltimore for the AAEE Conference where we presented a session on the pipeline clog related to credentialing. (More on that soon!)
  • Checkr: We finalized our partnership agreement last month and are now starting to build our integrations with their platform to provide in-app background checks, degree verifications, work experience, references, and other relevant professional credentials. Thank you to our VP, Tech, Daniel Glucksman for making this connection possible and to Daniel Barsky, our persuasive and thoughtful legal counsel, for all of their work to get this partnership finalized!

Expertise & Asks

  • 🚀 Commit to investing $100. in BenchK12’s Community Round. We are taking commitments from our network of supporters now, with early incentives just for you. There’s a lot more coming your way in January about why this is the right investment and solution for our nation’s teacher shortage and we want you in on the ground floor.
  • 📣 Spread the Word. If you can’t invest right now, help get the word out about BenchK12. You can start by forwarding this message to anyone in your network who might be eager to help solve the teacher shortage in K12 education. Sharing this with just three folks and your endorsement would be a tremendous start!
  • ✈️ Pilot Partners. Join our waitlist and bring BenchK12 to your state. We have some special incentives to share with the first five states that we work with.
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